Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen,汇集各式世界顶级珍馐美馔和涵盖全球各个产区葡萄酒的获奖酒单。来自澳大利亚的行政总厨 Patrick Dang从美食旅程中汲取的环球风味,他把自己不断推陈出新的烹饪风格归纳为“简单清新,但创意美味”。Napa酒单上拥有超过700种来自各个产区的葡萄酒,并在外滩22号的地下室设有专门的私人酒窖,同时获得《葡萄酒观察家》(Wine Spectator)杂志奖项和“中国最佳餐厅葡萄酒酒单”殊荣的精品珍酿酒单,满足葡萄酒评鉴行家的需求。自2007年在上海开业以来,Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen已走过辉煌的六年,并于新近乔迁至南外滩22号一栋百年经典建筑内,在这个云集上海顶尖餐饮和夜生活设施的新兴繁华圣地续写传奇。

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Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen brings the best in world cuisine with Australian Executive Chef Patrick Dang’s journeys throughout the global. Tons of world class flavors on his his menu, and he describes his ever-evolving cooking style as “simple and clean, yet bold and flavorful.” Together with an award-winning wine collection from across the globe. Napa’s extensive wine collection features over 700 labels from around the world and has its own private wine cellar in the basement of South Bund 22 for its private customers. Following a successful first six years in Shanghai since its opening in 2007, Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen is now relocated to the heritage building of Bund 22 - a new destination bursting at the seams with some of Shanghai’s most exciting dining and nightlife venues