The Bund22 consists of six stories. The redbrick exterior was inspired from the design of Davies & Thomas Civil Engineers. The building was originally built in 1906 for Swire Pacific, one of the many foreign banking institutions on the Bund, but became the site of a major pen factory when New China established.In 2010, three separate structures that were built over the years were combined and integrated into one.




    Aside from the multitude of fashion offerings, the Bund22 features many entertainment options, from fine gourmet restaurants, open-air bars, to exciting nightclubs. Make Bund22 your destination and your visit is bound to be memorable as you immerse yourself in the extravagance, all while overlooking the splendid night view of the Bund.We eagerly await your visit to the Bund22,



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    22 Zhongshan Dong Er Road, Shanghai, China 200002
    IL 18717722287